My name is Eduardo, but my friends call me; Lalo. I'm a Mexican

graphic designer and I love my family, my friends, heritage and

my culture.


I have always loved Frida Kahlo. For me, she is a standard, an icon.  I love her way of thinking, she confronted societal norms way ahead of her time as openly bisexual.  With her unique dresses, she took Mexico wherever she stood. The name is a small tribute to her.



Was born and raised in Moroleón, Guanajuato, Mexico, a small city in the south of the state. It is known nationally as one of the main textile cities in the country. 


My parents had a clothing factory for more than 30 years. I grew up among machines, rolls of fabric, threads, and buttons.

About 5 years ago during a visit to Miami, I met a guy who inspired me to launch this company.  From then on, I began my journey to achieve this dream.  That guy is now my friend and mentor. 

One day, I invited my friend Gus for coffee, who at that time was a fashion designer in Miami for an international brand. I told him my idea to which he replied:


From that moment on, I started to think about what was going to differentiate me from other brands. One day, I was walking through Wynwood, one of my favorite places in Miami, full of shops, bars, restaurants, clubs, terraces, and art galleries. Everything is decorated with graffiti - it is incredible - and that's when the idea of putting art on the fabric of swimsuits came to me.


I am passionate about my idea, because in reality, what you are buying is ART! That is why portion of the profits will go to the artists. Without the art, we would only be like other brands: images downloaded from the internet, lines, basic colors, flowers, etc. And the proposal of LAHLO APPAREL is something different. Actually if you think about it, your LAHLO’S will never go out of style, because it is ART.


One of the goals is to deliver

a high quality product.

For a long time, I searched and finally found a magnificent production factory in my hometown that met the high quality standards I was looking for.  This factory has been in the swimwear industry for over 10 years.  Thanks to my company, work is being generated to support the economy of families in my city, which is something of which I am very proud of.


We have a saying in Mexico:


"what is made in Mexico, is well done".

But I must admit, it rhymes better in Spanish lol.  Another important thing is that the products are exclusive. You won’t find the same anywhere and each design will be limited editions. 


We hope you enjoy the products and this is just beginning. In the future, we look forward to collaborating with many artists from around the world, who will add a unique and special touch to our products.


At Lahlo apparel we seek for that all clients feel identified with the brand. We believe in the positivity and that we are all perfect with the body we have. It is our obligation to improve this aspect of humanity, inclusion. 


Thank you very much for buying our product. If you have any questions or comments, we are here to listen to you and want to give you the best attention possible.  I hope that the universe will give you everything you are asking for, lots of self love, peace of mind (mental health) and health in general.